We have more than 30 years experiences of software development into our products, in which we set ourselves up again and again with the newest technological demands. However, not only our know-how in Software development, but also the knowledge about the business processes of our customers, in particular from the Pulp and Paper industry, form the base for our job.

Elementary feature of our products is that they are all based on market leading systems such as Oracle and Microsoft Windows. Already during the development we work only with worldwide and well-proven products such as Delphi (Embarcadero) and Crystal reports (SAP) as central software development tools. Through this, the effective integration in existing IT-structures of our customers can be guaranteed.

All mentioned aspects are basis on the longevity of our software products ensuring your investment in our products

As examples of the software developed by us we provide you in this section our products GSE-PPS, GSE-PAPER and GSE-TRADE. Next to these standard solutions we develop tailor-made special-solutions.

Paper Industry

Software für die Papierindustrie

Based on our profound knowledge and longtime experience in the specific industry we developed our ERP System GSE-PPS as an extensive ERP development optimized for the process oriented manufacturing and especially for the Pulp and Paper industry.

Technical Wholesale

Software für den Technischen Großhandel

GSE-Trade is a merchandise management system, developed with the newest software technology. It is designed especially for the specific workflows and requirements of technical wholesalers.

Custom Solutions

Software Speziallösungen

In addition to our industry specific solutions, we offer special solutions for other industries and applications. These products will give consideration to your individual requirements and needs.