GSE-TRIM is a powerful new developed software designed to minimize trimloss for producers of rolls or sheets. It is especially suitable for usage in the paper and metal industry. GSE-TRIM has been developed in close collaboration with Prof. Josef Kallrath, an experienced expert in the field of industrial modeling and mathematical optimization. GSE-TRIM computes cutting plans with minimal trimloss or a minimal number of pattern within seconds or minutes and enables the user to investigate alternative production scenarios



  • Increasing the effectivity of production and production planning
  • Optimization of the usage of raw material and patterns
  • Minimal trimloss
  • Minimal setup times
  • Practical restrictions are fully respected and considered
  • Results are produced in short time suitable for simulation approaches
  • Powerful but inexpensive solution when compared to other trimloss packages
  • GSE-TRIM is available both as stand-alone software supporting import and export to other systems, or as a module in our integrated production planning software